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We understand that running a business is expensive and price our loans accordinly. Our interest rates are very competitive.

3.8 - 5% monthly

We charge a low interest rate of 3.8 - 5% monthly on the amount borrowed

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We charge a 1% insurance fee if your loan request is approved. That's it!

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You'll never have to leave your home, office, or business. We take every step to ensure the process is seamless for you.

3-Minute application

Our loan application process can be completed anytime and anywhere in under 3 minutes

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As a financial institution, we take security and privacy of your information very seriously. We will never share or disclose your personal information with a 3rd-party.

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Wether you run a business, work for a company, or are a contractor seeking an LPO bridge, we can help you out.

Salary Loan

N100,000 - N5,000,000

Our salary loan is tailored to employed individuals who receive a regular income but require a quick boost.

Evidence of regular salary
Employment Confirmation
Must work and reside within Lagos state
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Business Loan

N100,000 - N5,000,000

Our business loans are built to boost existing businesses.

Evidence of prior business activity
1 Guarantor
Must work and reside within lagos
Additional collateral may be required for loans above N500,000
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LPO Financing

N100,000 - N5,000,000

We also provide bridge loans to help contractors execute LPOs quickly

Evidence of past jobs
Must work and reside in Lagos State
Additional collateral may be required
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Getaloan.ng

Getaloan is a lending platform that provides quick, safe, confidential and easily accessible loans to people living and working in Lagos.

How much can I borrow?

Most people are allowed to borrow up to 2.5x their monthly income. This means if you earn N100,000 every month. You can borrow up to N250,000. If you run a business, just multiply your average monthly sales by 2.5

I don't have a job, but I run a business, can I borrow?

Absolutely! As long as your business is a trade business (i.e: you buy and sell something) we can finance it.

What documentation is required when applying ?

If you are applying as a salary earner, you will need to provide proof of your employment and regular salary. Things like your staff ID card, employment letter, and salary account statement.

If you are applying as a business owner, you will need to provide proof that your business is running, usually a bank statement is enough.

What is your interest rate?

We charge a monthly interest rate of between 3.8% and 5% flat. The rate you are charged will depend on a number of factors, such as your credit history, and your income level.

Is there an application fee?

No, we do not currently charge any application fees.

I live outside Lagos, can I get a loan?

At this time, we only lend to Lagos State residents.

I have another question

Just call us at 0904 465 7484, 0904 465 6947, or send us an email at getaloan1@stmfb.com or getaloan2@stmfb.com.

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